How To Get The $WagmiX Airdrop

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How to verify your wallet for the $WagmiX Airdrop

To verify your wallet for the WagmiX airdrop please do the following:

-WAGMI holders will need to keep their WAGMI in their wallets. We will take a snapshot at the snapshot time.

  • If you are farming on Aldrin, screenshot your farm/LP and make sure to include your Solana wallet so we can verify it on our side. Remember that you need a minimum of 33,000 WAGMI To qualify for the WagmiX airdrop. For Atrix farming, we will need your wallet address to verify through Sonar. Details further in this article.
Token Distribution: WagmiX
Tier system, further details below

Calculation example (spot wallet):
If we have 500x t1 wallets, the WagmiX distributed will be:
(1,166,666 * 0.03) / 500 = 69.99 WagmiX per t1 wallet

LPs Bonus: Since you also need to provide USDC in the LP/Farm you will get a 2x WagmiX airdrop for the same WAGMI amount in the pool.

Calculation example LP/Farm: Let’s say we have 200 t2 Farms/LP the calculation goes like this:
(1,166,666 * 0.07 * 2) / 200 = 816.66 WagmiX per t2 wallet.

Since there are fewer wallets at the higher tiers you will be highly incentivized to try and reach a higher tier. We are doing this to reward our top holders.

Some of you may have noticed that the airdrop supply doesn’t add up with the actual amount airdropped. This is because we want to reward liquidity providers and farmers with WagmiX from our rewards allocation.≈

Distribution process:

January 3rd: 12:00 UTC Snapshot for holders and LP Verification discord channel opens up to paste the address. You will have 24hrs to successfully paste your address in this channel.

January 4th: Manual verification day. Channel closes.

January 5th: WagmiX distribution day. We will distribute to LPs first and holders from the snapshot second.

LP Verification Process:

For both Atrix pool and regular spot wallet, you just need to paste your Solana address (see example below) and we will verify your holdings through

For Aldrin, you need to paste a screenshot of your farm in addition to (see example below) your wallet for manual verification.

Aldrin pool/farm verification.

Make sure you head over to: or to get some $WAGMI in preparation for the WagmiX airdrop.

WAGMI team.




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