Introducing The WagmiX Token

We are excited to announce the WagmiEARN Platform. As a part of our roadmap, the WagmiEARN platform will host a suite of DEFI products allowing WAGMI Token holders to maximize profits. The WagmiX Token will be your key to participating in the WAGMI DEFI Ecosystem.

Why would we create a separate token for the WagmiEARN economy?

-First, we think that original WAGMI token should be a non inflationary token that has a fixed supply of 7,173,444,444. In order for the WagmiEARN protocols to work, the token would need to be inflationary due to the nature of how fractional reserve currencies work. The best solution to this is to create a separate token WagmiX and initially airdrop them to WAGMI holders.

-Second, We would like WAGMI to be the governance token of all the protocols in development (WagmiEARN, WagmiDEX, WagmiGAMES & WagmiDAO)

When WagmiEARN Launch? Soon.

Everyone, let’s welcome taka_hiro, a new member of our core team. You can find him on our discord under “team”. He is in charge of the WagmiEARN ecosystem and is an excellent smart contract developer. He’s already started working on the long process of converting the OHM Solidity code to Rust. This will be the first of many DEFI protocols that will support the WagmiX token. A rough ETA for completion is 30 days for the backend and 15 days for the front end.

OHM? What’s that?

OHM is an algorithmic currency protocol that uses a treasury to do automatic buybacks. Have a look at this video which explains in detail how it works.

What is the distribution of WagmiX?

7,777,777 Is the initial supply

15% Supply airdropped to WAGMI holders

10% Presale

15% Promotional farming rewards before launch

7.77% Team

52.23% Rewards

When is the WagmiX airdrop to WAGMI holders?

Jan 3rd at 12:00 UTC is when the snapshot occurs. Distribution will begin right after the snapshot.

When and where is the WagmiX presale?

1–2 Weeks before platform launch on our website. We are building a new website now to allow for these functionalities.

The presale price of WagmiX will be 20% more expensive than the existing WagmiX earned from farming rewards 24 hours before Launch.

Example: If WagmiX is trading at $1, 24 hours before launch, then the presale price of WagmiX will be $1.20.

How can I farm for WagmiX before the presale?

On Atrix or Aldrin. We will be creating a WAGMI/WAGMIX liquidity pool and farm which you can use to farm for the allocated WAGMIX tokens. You must have received WAGMIX from the airdrop or purchased WAGMIX with WAGMI in the WAGMI market to participate.

Maximize your yield!

We recommend the following strategy until the WagmiEARN platform is launched:

1. Enter the WAGMI/USDC pool on either Aldrin or Atrix.

2. Take your LP Tokens from the pool and enter the WAGMI farm on Aldrin or Atrix to earn WAGMI rewards/yield.

3. Take your newly earned WAGMI yield and airdropped WagmiX and enter the WAGMI/WagmiX pool on Atrix or Aldrin.

4. Take your LP tokens and enter the WagmiX Farm to earn WagmiX until the WagmiEARN Platform launch in ~60 days.

Note: We will update this article with WAGMI/WAGMIX pool/farm links

Thank you

The Wagmi team would like to thank you for participating on this journey to pluto. Starting at a low price of $.00001, our token price is up over 3000%.

We are dedicated to showcasing the power of Solanas technology. We look forward to adopting all the popular trends and creating new trends in the process. WAGMI will be the most diverse community token in the Solana ecosystem. Our team goal is to build the foundation required to inspire developers and creators to build in the WAGMI ecosystem.

With WagmiEARN, WagmiGAMES, WagmiDEX, and finally the WagmiDAO platforms we will accomplish this.

This is only the beginning.





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